When people visit Southern Idaho, they’re often blown away by the stupendous view of the yawning Snake River Canyon.

Sign up for a Zip the Snake adventure and fly across the canyon like an eagle, experiencing the waterfalls, the mighty Snake River and the scenic vistas all around you.

“I’ve been here all summer, and I still haven’t gotten used to the views,” says Maya Rodgers, lead guide for AWOL Adventure Sports Zip the Snake program.

Most of all, a zipline adventure provides a thrilling escape into non-stop fun for everyone in your group.

“People absolutely love it,” says Paul Melni, co-owner of AWOL Adventure Sports. “It’s an exhilarating adrenaline-pumping experience with lots of fast action. On our longest line, people can reach speeds of 40-55 mph.”

“We save the best for last,” adds Rodgers with a big smile.

Zip the Snake provides four spans ranging from 420 feet to 1,700 feet. Trips start with getting properly geared up in a climbing harness and a helmet, and a safety talk. The guides help each participant get launched from each zip tower, and the guides are there at each landing platform to ensure that participants land safely at a controlled speed.

Zip The Snake

With proper safety gear and experienced guides, no one has to worry about falling or running out of strength. Gravity does all the work!

“My sister brought me zip-lining while I was visiting from Massachusetts, and it was such a great experience!” said Lisa Stefanick on AWOL’s Facebook page. “I was really scared at first but our instructors, Maya and Matt, made it really fun and enjoyable. Matt was very knowledgeable about the area and was incredibly friendly. Maya was really funny and helpful. So happy with the experience!”

April Renee took her mom on a zipline tour for her 60th birthday.

“We had Casey and Maya as our instructors, and they were awesome,” Renee says. “They even sang happy birthday to her at the first zip line. It’s the little things that make a difference. We had a blast!”

Trips start and finish at Centennial Park in Twin Falls by the Snake River through August. Trips cost $48 for adults, and $38 for children under 18. Trips take 1-2 hours, depending on how many people are in your group. You can get a discount if you book a combination zipline and kayak adventure on the Snake River.

Groups, businesses and nonprofits can get discounted rates as well.

Zip the Snake operates year-round. It’s an experience that you won’t forget! Get a group of friends, family or work-mates together and book a trip with Zip the Snake. To sign up, call 208-420-2065 or go to Zip the Snake web site.