Southern Idaho is one of the most dog friendly destination you could visit. From exploring the mountains to discovering waterfalls together, your dog will love every second of adventure. There are dog friendly trails in each region, and some even allow your dogs to run free off leash! Be sure your dog has a good callback when recreating off leash as there are Coyotes, Foxes, Rock Chucks (Marmots.) We will list our favorite dog friendly parks and trails for running, hiking, swimming, and exploring.

Off Leash Locations

Jerome Snake River Canyon Parks

Jerome Snake River Canyon Parks is a dog friendly park. The north side of the Snake River in Jerome County has an expansive hiking area spanning from the Perrine Bridge to Shoshone Falls. Keep an eye on the dogs with the canyon rim being so close, but this is a fabulous place to play fetch and explore! Be sure to pick up after your furry friends at all of the locations listed.

Little City of Rocks (all seasons)

Dog Friendly Park and Trail called Little City of Rocks located in Gooding, Idaho.

The Little City of Rocks is located north of Gooding, Idaho. Here, there are incredible rock formations like arches and hoodoos. The brown and orange rocks span the 5 mile loop trail. Let your dog run and explore all around! The area doesn’t see much traffic in the off seasons, so typically in the fall and winter you will have the entire park to yourself. Please keep in mind in the summer there are rattle snakes to be on the lookout for. 

Black Magic Slot Canyon (fall and winter only)

Black Magic Slot Canyon is one of the only slot canyons in the US that allows dogs inside. Plus, they don’t have to be on a leash! This canyon doesn’t see much traffic as the only options to explore it are in the late fall and winter. The Slot Canyon is generally filled with water until at least August or September. Please visit the canal company’s website to assure there will be no flash floods when you visit. Once you’ve checked and have the go-ahead, enjoy exploring the deep and dark canyon. The hardened lava walls tower up to 50 feet high! Dogs have a blast jumping around the rocks and playing in the sand. 

Devil’s Corral (all seasons) – Currently Closed to Public

Devil’s Corral is a great dog friendly trail to get lost in nature! This section of the Snake River Canyon is in Jerome County. The owner requests you message their Facebook page “Devil’s Corral” to get permission to hike here. Once you’ve done that let your dogs loose so they can run free! There are a few trail options for you and your best friend to explore. Rattle Snakes and Porcupines reside here and are most active in the summer. 

Popular Parks that Require Leash

Box Canyon State Dog Friendly Park

Box Canyon Hike - a dog friendly state park in Southern Idaho

Box Canyon is a part of Thousand Springs State Park. All of the Thousand Springs State Parks allow dogs as long as they are on leash. Box Canyon is one of the great dog friendly parks and trails because there is water at the end for both of you to freshen up. The hike is about 4 miles round trip. Please pick up after your animals.

Where to stay nearby?

Mermaid Cove

Dog hiking

On the north side of the Snake River Canyon, near Jerome, is Yingst Grade. This grade is wonderful to get some exercise with your dog! Hike past two waterfalls and all the way down to the Snake River. 

South Hills 

There are tons of hiking options to explore in the South Hills with your dog! Although there aren’t really leash laws here, it can get pretty busy in the summer so we recommend keeping the dogs on a leash if there are a lot of people. If you visit in off seasons you may get the whole trail to yourself! Click the button to see hiking options. 

Canyon Rim Trail

The Canyon Rim Trail spans 9 miles above the Snake River Canyon. It walks past waterfalls, the Perrine Bridge, and all the way to Shoshone Falls! Dogs must be on leash. There are garbages and some poop bag poles along the way to pick up after your pet. 

Auger Falls Heritage Park

Dog Friendly Park in Twin Falls

Another one of Idaho’s great dog friendly parks and trails is in Twin Falls called Auger Falls Heritage Park. Keep your dogs leashed for the 4 miles round trip. Visit the river bed before Auger Falls to let the dogs swim, and hike to Auger to see water rushing through lava rock! This is also a great place to ride your bike with your dog. Please be sure to always clean up after your pets to keep our trails clean.