Looking for perfect and always dependable snow? Pomerelle Mountain Resort is one of Idaho’s best. Located 25 miles off Interstate 84, the rates are extremely affordable and the views are of a perfect winter wonderland. 

Advice from a local Snowboarder, Ben Orton

We asked Ben Orton to give his review of Pomerelle.

1. What is your favorite run at Pomerelle?

“My favorite run at Pomerelle changes with the snow conditions. When it’s powder, chute 9 is my favorite. When it’s groomers, I enjoy instructor.

The whole mountain has a great horseshoe shape and trails properly linked can result in runs that reach as long as 1.75 miles. As a result, my friends and I chase the best snow all over the hill linking trail to trail.”

2. What lift and run do you choose to start your day?

“Two lifts at Pomerelle service the whole mountain, the Triple 88, and the E-Z rider. The locals lovingly refer to them as the big lift, and the little lift.

I almost always start my day with the big lift and make a long loop across the top of the hill and end up coming down through spud or buttermilk on the E-Z rider (little lift) side.

The Triple 88 (big lift) is a colder ride, but services access to the entire hill. The E-Z rider is a warm ride in the sun and out of the wind. The little lift also stays open till 9:00 p.m. (Tue-Sat) for amazing night skiing!”

3. What makes Pomerelle unique to other mountains?

“Pomerelle is unique, because its season is longer than most ski hills in Idaho without the help of man made snow, and more ski-able hours because of night skiing. It is family owned and the goal of the owners is to keep skiing affordable for everyone.

The ski school program is very good and all the schools in the region choose to use it for their ski clubs or ski field trips. The snow is amazing and the lift lines are small even on the days where the parking lot is full!

These are all great perks to the area, but for me the snow, good vibes, and amazing amount of tree skiing are just a few of the reasons I love Pomerelle so much.”

4. Any advice or recommendations for upcoming travelers?

“Advice. Study the trail map and try to ski every trail on the map. It becomes easy to see how linking trails can enhance the skiing. If you love groomers get up to the hill at 9:00 a.m. grooming starts every morning at 5:00 a.m. and the groomed trails are amazing smooth and fresh.

Have a beverage on the deck and get some tacos or a Barry Burger. Dress warm and dress down as needed (Pomerelle can be one of the coldest places you will ever ski) if you have dressed right, the cold will not ruin your day.

Stay for some night skiing, especially if snow is in the forecast, for an evening of powder boarding or skiing down milk run. It is one of my favorite thing to do. Don’t let the easy terrain fool you, if you’re an advanced skier looking for an adventure there is plenty of awesome terrain to discover.”

Perks of Pomerelle

This less crowded resort gets you on the lift, day or night, with no lines, and to the top of the mountain smoothly.  Because of the high elevation location, your runs will be quiet and peaceful.

As Ben mentioned, one of the most unique perks of Pomerelle is night skiing! Tuesday through Saturday, from 4:00-9:00 p.m., you can ski at night! A lift pass for Night Skiing only costs $17! Is there a more perfect night?

More than just a ski hill

For the experienced and daring – head for the Pomerelle Backcountry. Access here requires snowmobiles, a permit, and experience. If you are headed to the backcountry, check the snow and weather conditions beforehand. Arriving in the ‘Playground’ you will find cliffs, powder, and chutes that are ready to be ridden.

When it’s time for a break from shredding, warm up in the lodge for yummy food and drinks! In need of more than just water? Don’t worry, Pomerelle has many local beers and other alcoholic drinks to choose from.

Remember to be safe and enjoy the day at Pomerelle Mountain Resort!

Make it a weekend

A day of epic powder usually leads to exhausted muscles – and eyes. Find excellent accommodations close by at the Albion Bed & Breakfast, Drift Inn or one of the branded hotels in Burley. The Burley Best Western and Fairfield Inn & Suites have all of the comforts to ease aching muscles. Plus, wake up to a warm, continental breakfast to get you started. Plan your getaway to Pomerelle.

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