Dierkes Lake is conveniently located minutes from Twin Falls. Vehicles are able to drive down the grade, towards Shoshone Falls, and take a right turn towards Dierkes about halfway down the road. Here, there is a large parking lot allowing you to park your vehicle right next to the lake. This grade is generally open all four seasons, with the exception of a couple winter storm days. Other than occasionally in the winter season, the trails are enjoyable year round.

Hiking around the Lake

A beach area is not far from the parking lot. It is equipped with public restrooms, a huge jungle gym for the kids, and picnic tables. There is a floating dock surrounding the beach area, making the swimming safe. Kayaks are allowed to put in on the outside of the dock as well.

The best features of Dierkes are the urban running/walking trails. The main trail leads all the way around the lake showcasing lake views, stair climbing, Snake River Views, and boulder areas! At the east corner of the lake, the trail branches off to the south/east, while the main trail leads north/east. The southern trail will take you to Hidden Lakes, a pretty lake tucked away in the ferns and sagebrush. Many locals like to cliff jump here from heights ranging at 5ft to over 35ft high. Always be careful and aware of surrounds when participating in cliff jumping.

Continuing on the Main Trail

Heading north on the main trail will show perfect views of Dierkes Lake. Then, you’ll have to climb a couple flights stairs up the canyon walls. Take a small trail north upon arrival at the top of the canyon. This will lead you to the edge of the canyon’s wall and the Snake River can be viewed about 500ft below.

Continuing down the path westward bound, the trail will eventually level out with the lake. The local favorite area to boulder is located here. Climbers from all around love to utilize this area. It is also the perfect place to let the kids run around the boulders and through hidden tunnels between rocks.  There are funky shaped rocks scatted throughout the greenery. It is truly a runner, walker, or climber’s paradise. 

After the beautiful boulder area the trail leads to a little bridge to cross over a water flow area. View small waterfalls and a run off here. It will end at the parking lot near the lake, making it a perfect loop for an afternoon walk or a morning run.

Similar Areas

A few other recommendations to visit after walking the Dierke’s trail loop are; visiting Shoshone Falls, biking at Auger Falls, or hiking the Mogensen Trail. All of these locations are located within minutes from Dierkes. Shoshone Falls is located just down the grade from the turn off to Dierkes Lake. Auger Falls and Mogensen Trail are on the other side of Twin Falls near the Perrine Bridge. Both of these hiking areas are near Centennial Waterfront Park. Mogensen is just a turn off above Centennial Waterfront Park, and Auger is about two miles west. Both of these hikes can be 2-4 miles long and showcase amazing views of the Snake River Canyon.

Grab some food to refuel after a day of activities at Anchor Bistro located on Blue Lakes Blvd in Twin Falls. Blue Lakes Inn is located on the same road, and provides the best night of sleep around.


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