Idaho Potatoes are the best potatoes in the world, so we must have the best fries right? Correct! The French Fries you find at local restaurants in Southern Idaho are truly delicious. The perfect crisp and crunch of the fry comes from our flourishing agriculture all around. Local farmers work hard to keep their potatoes quality and it shows! Follow our list for the best French Fries in Southern Idaho!

Scooter’s Chillin and Grillin Downtown Twin Falls

Scooters has the best French Fries in Twin Falls no questions asked. This is because they have so many different choices for you to decide between like their famous garlic wedge French Fries, or you can get them with just salt. They also have sweet and delicious waffle sweet potato fries. They are all incredible and Scooters is truly loved by the locals.


Manhattan Cafe in Shoshone

The Manhattan Cafe is known for their huge menu and endless choices. We always make the choice to eat the curly fries! They are carefully fried to crisp perfection! Whether you’re on your way back from the Shoshone Ice Caves or on the way to Craters of the Moon, Manhattan Cafe is a must stop in Shoshone to eat those Idaho potatoes.


Morey’s Steakhouse in Burley

Riverside dining is preferred when you’re in Burley! Look over the great Snake River and into the mountain range to the south. Morey’s Steakhouse is known for their juicy steaks, but this locally owned restaurant has some underrated French Fries that keep us going back for more! It is perfectly located in Burley only about a half hour away from Lake Cleveland and Mount Harrison, or Pomerelle Mountain Resort if you’re visiting in the winter!


Outpost Steakhouse in Almo

The best steakhouse in Almo also has the crispiest French Fries. Its always worth ordering an extra set of fries to go with your steak because you will not be able to get enough of them! Best served with Idaho’s famous fry sauce. The Outpost is located just minutes from the entrance to the City of Rocks National Reserve. Also nearby is Durfee Hot Springs, the perfect way to chill in nature.


Redhawk Gastropub in Twin Falls

This newly opened restaurant is located right on the Canyon Rim in Twin Falls. The views are incredible! Munch on those fries while you have a one of a kind view over looking the Snake River. Munch on fries sourced from Idaho potatoes and watch the sunset over a glowing canyon. Walk just below the outside dining to see a pretty lookout over Perrine Coulee waterfall.