Happy New Years! If you’re one of those people who has been itching to travel, now’s the time! Plan your trip to Southern Idaho and enjoy all the winter activities. The new year has never looked brighter than on top of an Idaho ski resort, hot spring soaking, or chasing frozen waterfalls. Idaho is full of wide open spaces, ready to bring you the adventure of a lifetime. Spend your new year in Southern Idaho and follow our guide to celebrate in the best ways! 

Pomerelle Mountain Resort

Start the year off right by hitting the slopes! Pomerelle Mountain is a fun place to go for all level of riders. One of the biggest perks of Pomerelle is how affordable the mountain is. Over the new year Pomerelle got tons of snow. The runs are all open, as well as both lifts. The mountain is extremely fun, runs ranging from the magic carpet to black diamonds. Enjoy smooth groomed runs or hit the powder by trying out ‘Lift Line’ and any tree run. Pomerelle does have a wonderful lodge with rentals, food, drinks, and space to hang out and warm up. The best place to stay nearby is in Burley. 

Frozen Waterfalls

Is chasing waterfalls on your New Year Resolution list? With the temps chilly, and the snow falling, you’re sure to see dozens of frozen waterfall sections on the canyon! One amazing icicle view is Perrine Coulee! Perrine Coulee is a waterfall tucked away on Canyon Springs Grade. You can also see the waterfall from above on the Snake River Canyon Trail (near Elevation 486 or Redhawk.) In the winter time, the entire waterfall is surrounded by icicles! It’s truly a beautiful sight. Please be careful and do not walk directly under the ice! They do break and fall often, especially on a day above 30 degrees. 

Hot Springs 

Another amazing way to spend your new year in Southern Idaho is by hitting up some hot springs! There are 3 total that are accessible in the winter time. Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs are near Hagerman, Idaho on the Thousand Spring Scenic Byway. If you prefer soaking in a large general pool both sides of the resort have that option. Private Pools are also an option at both pools. Miracle’s Private Pools are closed in, keeping the steamy warmth in with you and your loved ones. Banbury’s are open to the Snake River, still warm and cozy, but with a view and a breeze from the river! There are many places to stay nearby to enjoy the hot springs. We highly recommended the Billingsley Creek Inn or the Hagerman Valley Inn.

The last hot spring is south of Pomerelle Mountain called Durfee Hot Springs. Durfee has multiple general pools varying in temperature that you can enjoy outdoors. Nearby is the City of Rocks National Reserve! This area is gorgeous in the snow and is accessible by foot! The City of Rocks Visitor Center in Almo (just up the road from Durfee Hot Springs) has snow shoe rentals you can get for a great price to explore the reserve. 

Local Shopping

The last recommendation we will give for your New Years trip is to explore Downtown Twin Falls! Use the money you got for Christmas to splurge on local goodies! Perrine Man Press, Unique Twist Jewelry. Dine at Koto Brewing for delicious zesty foods and Idaho craft beer. Run across the street to stop at Rudy’s to buy some Idaho wine or beer to take home with you. Shop local and support incredible businesses in Southern Idaho this holiday season.