Is Twin Falls worth visiting?

In short, the answer is YES. 

So, why explore Twin Falls and all of its glory? Here are our 10 reasons why Twin Falls is worth visiting!

1. It is the City of Waterfalls!

There are over 30 waterfalls just in the ‘City of Waterfalls’ but even more in the surrounding region! Shoshone Falls is a 212 foot waterfall that takes everyone’s breath away, generally best visited in Spring-Summer. Perrine Coulee makes you feel as though you’re in Iceland, and will cool you off with a light shower if you walk under and around it! Visit the picturesque area and hit all of the waterfalls this spring by following our waterfall guide!

2. The Downtown is beautiful.

Historic Downtown Twin Falls has tons of amazing local businesses. Grab a bite to eat at delicious restaurants like Saffron Indian Cuisine or Sandwich Company. Try out local craft beers at Milner’s Gate and Koto Brewing. Go shopping for souvenirs at Perrine Man Press, Unique Twist Jewelry, Brass Monkey and more! Taste Idaho and local area wine at Rudy’s A Cook’s Paradise, and even try out oils for cooking. Run through the splash pad on a hot day and enjoy the art around Downtown!

Downtown Twin Falls Farmers Market, Local Vendors, Koto, Produce, Crafts

3. The Canyon Rim Trail

The Canyon Rim Trail spans 7 miles along the south rim of the Snake River Canyon, anywhere from 200-500 feet above the river below. Along the Canyon Rim Trail you will see Shoshone Falls, Evel Knievel’s jump site, waterfalls, lava rock, the Perrine Bridge, restaurants and views for days. Two restaurants on the Canyon Rim Trail are Elevation 486 and Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center. Both are great choices to try locally sourced ingredients in high quality food.

4. The Perrine Bridge

This gorgeous arch is the entrance to Twin Falls, and that is the Perrine Bridge. The perfect selfie spot, or a photographers dream is looking at this bridge that towers over 400 feet over the Snake River Canyon. A great lookout for it is at Centennial Waterfront Park or on the north side of the canyon at the Snake River Canyon Park area. Fun Fact: this bridge is actually one of the only legal bridges to BASE jump off! You can see them almost every day. Visit when there is no wind and the weather is nice and you’ll see them leap off the bridge and soar to the base of the canyon.

Perrine Bridge, Sunset, Jerome, Twin Falls, Idaho, Snake River Canyon, Magic Valley

5. Local Businesses

There are tons of amazing local businesses to support around Twin Falls. They all have such unique qualities to them and are truly owned by amazing people. Sweet T’s Cupcakery is one of those businesses! Their cakes are to die for, and the customer service is unmatched. Bearded Axe is a fun place to get some energy out and make memories with loved ones. Throw axes at wooden targets and byob for your buddies. In need of a relaxing vacation treat? Head to Float Magic to experience pain relief, muscle recovery, and stress melting away. It’s a great place to relax. You could also take a drive 40 minutes west to continue the spa treatment at Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs where you can soak in geothermal water or get massages.

6. The People

We hear time and time again that the locals were very kind to travelers. It’s pretty typical to spark a conversation in the line to order pizza, receive a smile from someone you’re passing downtown, or even chat with a local hiker on the trail. The business owners love speaking about their love for the town as well! So give that ol’ Idaho two finger wave while passing on a gravel road on your way to adventure, and you’ll get a smile and wave back!

7. The Urban Hikes

There are so many spectacular hikes around Twin Falls! Some will lead you to waterfalls like Perrine Coulee, Mermaid Cove, Auger Falls and more. Others will show off views of the canyon and water like Dierkes Lake or Vineyard Lake. Rock Creek RV Park is a great leisurely area to hike and keep cool in the shade. Mogensen Trail leads through the canyon and under the Perrine Bridge.

Auger Falls Hike, Twin Falls, Hike, Snake River, Waterfall

8. The Local Area

There are so many places to visit within an hour drive from Twin Falls. The Thousand Springs Scenic Byway is a 40 minute drive away where you can see aqua blue waters all around even more waterfalls! Driving north will lead you to lava tunnels, caves, and then mountains. Driving south will also take you into forests like the South Hills and Pomerelle Ski Resort area. All within an hour or so drive, you’ll find diverse landscapes that will leave you breathless.

Box Canyon, Thousand Springs State Park, Blue Water, Mermaid Tail, Sunrise, Spring

9. Affordability

Twin Falls is an extremely cheap place to visit! Almost every hike and sight is free. Renting kayaks on the river ranges from $15-35, and getting into Shoshone Falls costs less than $10. You can even beat the fee and just walk down the Canyon Rim Trail to the park! Hotels are generally around or less than $120. There are Airbnbs and Hotels to choose from, varying in price to assure you can find what you are looking for. The designation is budget friendly and our local businesses around town are extremely affordable too.

There are so many destinations that Twin Falls is located not far from. Twin Falls to West Yellowstone is only a 4 hour drive! To get to Vegas from Twin is about 8 hours. The big 5 National Parks in Utah, (Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Bryce) are about 6-7 hours away. Twin Falls also has a direct flight to Salt Lake City that connects with the world. The airport has free parking and is nice and small making check in and security a breeze.

10. Idaho rocks!

There is something about the wide open spaces of Idaho; mountains in the backdrop, rivers in the foreground, smiles all around you. Idaho is a great destination to visit. It is lesser known than larger states so you can truly beat the crowds and enjoy nature to yourself. The Idaho experience is unlike any other, and Twin Falls is no exception. We are positive you will fall in love with the area just as much as we love our home. So, is Twin Falls worth visiting? We hope you say yes and plan that adventure soon!

Happy travels! Continue planning with our travel guide.