Idaho is one of those beautiful states that is totally underrated, especially the southern half! Explore Southern Idaho to discover hidden gems only few have laid eyes on. Flying into Twin Falls gives you a plethora of magnificent options. Explore the City of Waterfalls itself, or get an affordable rental car and make your way to other national parks within a couple hours drive. Check out more information at

Why Twin Falls? 

Taking a trip can be stressful, especially if you’re flying into a huge, unfamiliar airport. Thankfully, there are still small airports out there that provide you with ease upon arrival. One baggage claim and one terminal is our preferred size, and that is exactly what you will get flying into Twin Falls. The Magic Valley Regional Airport has a direct flight from Salt Lake City. Twin Falls is an excellent town to explore, and it’s the gateway to Sun Valley, Yellowstone, Craters of the Moon and more epic locations to visit. Located just hours from many incredible sights, flying into Twin Falls is a wonderful choice when embarking on your next journey.

Exploring Twin Falls, Idaho

The Magic Valley Regional Airport is located only a short drive from the heart of Twin Falls. Here you will find beautiful historic buildings that are homes to locally owned businesses.  Find shops like Unique Twist Jewelry, Brass Monkey, and Perrine Man Press to shop for all the Idaho apparel you could need. Nearby are restaurants that source their food locally. Our favorites to dine in are Koto Brewing, Milner’s Gate, and Saffron Indian Cuisine. After you’ve restored your energy with delicious food and purchased all the souvenirs you need, it’s time to see the rest of the “City of Waterfalls.”

Shoshone Falls is the most incredible sight to be seen in Twin Falls! Its is the “Niagara of the West,” and actually stands 42 feet higher than Niagara Falls! It’s our largest waterfall and is sure to blow your mind! Its peak season is in the Spring, but is truly beautiful year round. It pours into the Snake River, where you will find more waterfalls scattered throughout. Towering over the Snake River is the Perrine Bridge. The Perrine Bridge will lead you out of town and towards Sun Valley, Craters of the Moon, Lava Hot Springs, and Wyoming. 

Road Tripping from Twin Falls

Only a 1.5 hour drive north of Twin Falls will take you to Sun Valley. The beautiful mountain town provides incredible skiing in the winter, and endless hiking and biking options in the summer. Southeast of Sun Valley lies Craters of the Moon. This is about a two hour drive from Twin Falls.

Craters of the Moon is a hardened lava field, where you can feel as though you’re an astronaut exploring the surface of the moon. Hike on inferno cones and go underground to see incredible lava tunnels that formed caves. Continuing your drive northeast will take you to Yellowstone! West Yellowstone is located just less than four hours from Twin Falls. The entrance to Yellowstone National Park is then only a quick drive from West Yellowstone where you can see one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world! 

Jackson Hole & Lava Hot Springs

Also a quick drive from Twin Falls is Jackson Hole. Home of the famous scenic valley below the Tetons, Jackson is only four hours away. You can see the Tetons on the Idaho side as well, which is only a 2-3 hour drive before you have them in your sight. Yellowstone can also be accessed this way, by driving north from the Tetons, up and through the National Park. All road trips from Twin Falls are scenic and beautiful. There are plenty of rest stops and gas stations along the way.

Pocatello is a larger town you will pass while going through here, and if you’d like to stop for a hot spring soak before making your way to the National Parks we recommend Lava Hot Springs. Just a half hour drive south of Pocatello ( 2 hours total from Twin Falls) is Lava Hot Springs. This vacation resort is magical and you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and at peace. Swim in the hot springs, get a massage, and enjoy a fancy waterpark the whole family will enjoy! The views here are also beautiful, and it’s the perfect place to stop before visiting the Tetons. 

Magic Valley Regional Airport

Flying into Twin Falls is a wonderful option to access the west. Rent a vehicle at affordable prices and enjoy the locally owned restaurant, Happy Landings. Find hours to Happy Landings as well as other information here:

Are you a Twin Falls local? Enjoy flying out of Twin Falls to Salt Lake and connect with the world. Have a no stress experience by utilizing the free parking at the Magic Valley Regional Airport. Save time, save on parking, and save the hassle of having to drive hours to a larger airport.

Plan ahead and enjoy your travels!