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BASE Jumping & Zip Lining

Photo courtesy of Blip Printers

Not For the Faint of Heart: Southern Idaho BASE Jumping and Zip Lining

Did you know the I.B Perrine Bridge is one of the only places in the United States (maybe the only one!) where anyone can BASE jump? Every year, hundreds of adventurers travel from around the world to fling themselves into the Snake River Canyon in search of the ultimate rush. If your tastes aren’t quite that extreme, no worries — Southern Idaho has you covered.

I.B. Perrine Bridge. This historic, iconic bridge is named after the entrepreneur who brought irrigation to the area, transforming the desert into the “Magic Valley.” Mr. Perrine most likely would have never guessed that his namesake bridge would become synonymous with thrills. The bridge perches 486 feet in the air above the Snake River, making it the perfect distance for BASE jumpers. On any given day, you can watch jumpers fling themselves off the bridge only to open their parachutes in the nick of time. Miles Daisher set the world record for most BASE jumps in a 24-hour period — 63! — here in 2017.

Zip the Snake. Not everyone can be a BASE jumper, but nearly everyone can zip the Snake River. Zip the Snake is the Magic Valley’s first zip line, located in the Snake River Canyon at Canyon Springs Golf Course. During a zip tour, you’ll ride four lines through the canyon while learning about the history, geology, and wildlife in the Snake River Plain. It’s a great option for kids, family reunions, team-building exercises, and other groups.

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