Visiting Idaho in the winter can be one of the best experiences of your life, if you know one of the state’s best-kept secrets: the hot springs! You can find a larger list of them in this post, but only one of them is located fully indoors and away from the elements: 1,000 Springs Resort.

1,000 Springs Resort

1,000 Springs Resort, located 5 miles South of Hagerman, is the perfect place to relax in a warm pool during the coldest time of the year.

Why Choose 1,000 Springs Resort

There are a variety of activity options for visitors of all ages. The full-size covered pool in the main area features a diving board, floating log, tube slide, and basketball hoop. It is also connected to a two-foot-deep kiddie pool for younger swimmers. The resort takes a high priority on visitor safety, so there is always a certified lifeguard on duty.

Visitors looking for a quieter place to unwind can rent one of the 15 available hot tub rooms. These private rooms provide the ideal place to melt away your worries in peace. The geothermal pools can be warmed to your preference and are available to groups of up to eight people.

1,000 Springs Resort

If you’re feeling a little extra adventurous, another option awaits you at 1,000 Springs. The resort is located directly next to the Snake River, providing the opportunity to take a Polar Plunge!

Polar Plunging, also known as cold-water immersion or cold therapy, has been a known practice worldwide. There are some individuals who swear by the health benefits of participating. Regular participants claim to see the a decrease in tension, fatigue, and negative emotions, as well as improvements in memory and chronic pain relief. You can find more information on cold therapy and read the experiences of a well-known Polar Plunger at

1,000 Springs Resort Polar Plunge

If you feel inclined to participate in this icy endeavor, just be sure to shower in the resort locker room before returning to your pool. Always keep the facility clean and free of contamination!

Where to Eat

No matter how you prefer to spend your day at the resort, you’ll probably work up an appetite. Luckily, there are multiple options for an after-hot-spring meal not far away.

A favorite eatery among locals is the beautiful Snake River Grill, located less than 10 minutes from 1,000 Springs Resort. The restaurant features a variety of fine-dining options and an intimate bar setting. Another well-loved nearby option for barbecue lovers is Bullzz-eye BBQ, which offers everything from chicken salad to pork ribs. Or, if you’re craving one of America’s favorite dishes, you can head to Fire Pie Pizza for a taste of rich, wood-fired pizza and mouthwatering pasta.

After a day at 1,000 Springs Resort and a great meal, you’ll need somewhere to rest and relax for the evening.

Where to Stay

Right across from the resort is 1,000 Springs Riverhouse. This Airbnb/BnB offers three rooms, each with a picturesque view of the Snake River. Just down the road is the locally-owned Hagerman Valley Inn with wonderful accommodations and amazing customer service, as well as the beautiful and unique Billingsley Creek Lodge.

Ultimately, a visit to 1,000 Springs Resort in Hagerman provides everything you need for an exciting, memorable trip to Southern Idaho!