When searching for a place to visit, are you looking for a less popular destination to avoid the crowds? Maybe a place that has more wildlife than humans? If this sounds like your cup of tea; Southern Idaho is calling your name. Traveling to Southern Idaho is the perfect getaway for introverts or people who just don’t want to be bothered by others when out exploring.

Little City of Rocks, Gooding Idaho, Hike, Sightsee, fall

Check Out:

  • Gooding: Little City of Rocks, Dead Horse Cave
  • Almo: City of Rocks, Castle Rocks
  • Fairfield: Soldier Mountain

Why is Southern Idaho the perfect getaway for introverts?

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Compared to other destinations around the states, Idaho is an uncovered gem. Because of this the crowds truly don’t exist many places. There are hot spots for tourists, but we will make sure to share the best unknown spots where you can enjoy the beauty of Idaho all to yourself. Especially in Southern Idaho cities like Gooding, Almo, Fairfield and others that have at most 1,000 residents.


Little City of Rocks

The Little City of Rocks is a wilderness study area located north of Gooding, Idaho. The park is perfect to hike and roam. Side trails lead up to incredible rock formations. There are also some ancient rock art in the Little City of Rocks, petroglyphs carved by Native Americans several hundreds of years ago. Visiting in shoulder season will generally mean no one else will be out there. If you visit in the summer we recommend going on a week day to avoid any people.

Dead Horse Cave

Dead Horse Cave is just a few miles north of Gooding and is pretty neat to see. It has steps leading right into the entrance, then, opens up into a large spacious area. Continue walking into the cave to discover benches and how big the cave truly is. The road to get here can be bumpy, so we highly recommend driving a high clearance vehicle or parking further away and hiking in. Remember to leave no trace and do not start a fire inside the cave. Continue down Dead Horse Cave Road to find more caves nearby.


City of Rocks National Reserve

The City of Rocks is the perfect destination in fall, winter, or spring! 360 views of mountains and rock formations make the park extra iconic. There are many hikes to embark on throughout the park that will reconnect you with nature and further separate yourself from any other visitors. Find wonderfully unique accommodations nearby like the Glamping Yurt at Castle Rocks and other glamping experiences coming soon! Introverts can drive the park and find the best hike with no cars parked at the lot to enjoy a day in nature, away from anyone else.

Castle Rocks State Park

This park has similar views to City of Rocks but sees less foot traffic. Observe climbers all around on the granite boulders and enjoy the views of the towering Cache and Graham Peak. You can hike to the tops of these mountains as well! Be sure to always check weather conditions before hiking. Castle Rocks State Park has camping available and even has an incredible glamping yurt previously mentioned!


Fairfield, Idaho, Sawtooth Mountains, Campground, Fall Colors, Leaves Changing

The Soldier Mountains sit north of Fairfield, Idaho, a quaint mountain town with a couple local businesses ready to serve. Exploring Soldier Mountain Ski Area is a wonderful way to get away from people and enjoy nature. There are many hikes around that will lead you through trees and showcase views of the mountains. Hike or bike the resort to truly enjoy a day alone in the woods. Nearby, hike the 8 or 11 mile trail options around Soldier Creek and Free Gold Creek where not many people go. Challenge yourself with a difficult hike, Smoky Dome Jeep Trail, that will give you expansive views of Smokey Dome and the Sawtooth’s.

There are a couple hot springs nearby too, Preis Hot Springs and Worswick Hot Springs. Worswick can get crowded due to its short walk from the parking lot, so we recommend visiting on weekdays to avoid people totally. Preis is conveniently on the side of the road and easy access, however it is a much smaller hot spring so if there is someone else there, make sure to respect them and take turns.

We hope as someone who doesn’t love to be around people but who loves nature will book that trip to Southern Idaho and disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature. Enjoy the perfect getaway for introverts.

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