When you’re ready to escape the busy life and relax after a hectic week, its time to take a trip to Southern Idaho. We may be known for amazing adventure hiking and exploring, but there are many places beckoning for you to come and chill out! From hot springs, to wineries, we are sure to give you the relaxing weekend you deserve.

Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs – Buhl, Idaho

Soak in natural hot springs for the ultimate relaxation. The hot spring water contains over 50 minerals! This can be therapeutic, and can make you feel much better than before.  The two locations are located just 1.5 miles from each other.

Miracle Hot Springs has 15 private hot pools, 6 VIP pools and 4 outdoor public pools. The 15 smaller private soaking pools each have adjustable temperatures and changing rooms, available on a first come, first served basis. The Resort at Banbury Hot Springs has a large geothermal artesian swimming pool, and other healing private mineral hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs. All of the pools at both resorts are drained after each use. Licensed massage therapists are on site at Miracle Hot Springs and available during business hours. Relax tense muscles, increase joint mobility, increase blood/lymphatic circulation, relieve stress and pain. How does that sound for a relaxing vacation?

There is RV camping, tent camping, and private domes on both sites. The private domes are fully furnished suites with either a queen bed or king bed, dresser, seating, a heater and a fan. Restrooms are located nearby. The queen suite is handicap accessible, the king suite has extra sleeping pads, but you are required to bring your own bedding. For reservations please call 208-543-6002.

Holesinsky Vineyard and Winery – Buhl, Idaho

Enjoy the sweet notes of the incredible locally sourced and locally made wine at Holesinsky. The winery was founded in 2001, and aims to create world class wine with no short cuts, no impurities, and no over processing/filtering/additives. Not only is the wine tasty, but the views are gorgeous! Take a tour of the vineyard to get up close with the ingredients you are drinking. Don’t forget to bring the camera, it is a photographer’s paradise here.  Holesinsky’s Vineyard and Winery began with the planting of 1000 chardonnay. In 2002 the vineyard grew with the addition of 3000 syrah, 2000 Merlot, and 200 Port (Sauzao, Tiuta Cao, Touragia); the growth continued in 2006 with 1000 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1000 Riesling, and adding Muscat in 2007. Call (208) 731-0590 to check availability.

Billingsley Creek Lodge – Hagerman, Idaho

Billingsley Creek State Park, Thousand Springs State Park, Hagerman Idaho, dog friendly, byway

Located on Idaho’s Thousand Springs Scenic Byway (Highway 30), the Billingsley Creek Lodge is a Hagerman oasis. Their rustic cabins and rooms offer a beautiful and relaxing destination.  The property has five rooms with decks overlooking the beautiful Billingsley Creek. This very special creek is fed from the natural springs of the Snake River Aquifer. The water is 58 degrees year-round and has been underground for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is an excellent spot for fly fishing or bird watching.

The lodge is located close to all outdoor activities including boating, fishing, bird watching, sightseeing.  It also neighbors Billingsley Creek State Park and and pathways. Call 208-837-4822 for more information.

Durfee Hot Springs – Almo, Idaho

This is a perfect place to stop with the family! Durfee Hot Springs is a natural warm spring operating with two hot tubs, one kiddie pool, and one large lap pool located in Almo, Id. Soak and relax in the natural hot springs while the kids play in the pool! Durfee is snuggled in between the mountains, and is a short drive from the City of Rocks National Reserve. The entire area is a perfect place to drive slowly taking in the views. Parking lots are spread out throughout the City of Rocks equipped with picnic areas and some benches for seating. Take a seat at a pretty spot to watch the sun go down behind the mountains and rocks. Accommodations near Durfee include camping in either City of Rocks or Castle Rocks, or at the Almo Inn! Call (208) 824-5701 with further questions.

Easy Sight Seeing – Twin Falls & Buhl, Idaho

There are many epic views in Southern Idaho that don’t require too much physical effort. Our most famous is Shoshone Falls located in Twin Falls! From the parking lot, the view point is just a short walk away. In all of its glory you may even get to feel the mist from the gorgeous falls! Another canyon view point can be accessed by parking at the Twin Falls Visitors Center, also in Twin Falls. From here, you can walk onto the Perrine Bridge, or take it in from the lookout. Watch BASE Jumpers jump from the bridge connecting the towering canyon walls. One of the most unique wonders of the area is Box Canyon, located near Hagerman and Buhl. There is a brand new parking lot situated just feet away from the lookout. Here, you will see glowing blue water in the canyon below.


Breweries – Twin Falls & Buhl, Idaho

If you’re more into beer than wine, don’t worry! We have two brand new breweries in Twin Falls, and four total in the area! All four of the breweries also have delicious food. Read more about them here:

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