Located deep in the south hills, about two hours from Burley and Twin Falls, is a ghostly waterfall named Phantom Falls.

Traveling to this waterfall is an adventure in itself! The drive is over gravel roads, and the hike is about three miles round trip. The south hills in late summer and fall glow golden and hold waterfalls, cliffs, and amazing rock formations! Oakley, Idaho is the closest town to Phantom Falls, and has services. Heading from Oakley it is around an hour and twenty minute drive. From Twin Falls, past Magic Mountain, and to the waterfall is about an hour and forty five minute drive.

The Adventure

If you are starting in Oakley, be sure to stop at Searles to grab gas, water, and ice cream. They have the best milkshakes at Searles and will make the drive even more fun! The parking lot is located on the North side of the road while the trail starts on the South. There is a sign at the beginning of the trail-head showing where you are. The trail is very defined, and is worn the entire way there. If the trail branches, just be sure to stay above the creek. It is not very shaded, but Phantom Falls will cool you off in the end!

The waterfall drops from a sixty-five-foot cliff, but appears to fade to nothing in the middle. The flow in late summer is perfect to stand under and let the water wash your sweat away. Occasionally in the winter, the falls can create icicles spread along the cliff. And in the spring, the falls can rush at a more powerful rate to continue down the hills.

Ready to continue on chasing waterfalls? About an hour drive back towards Twin Falls is another cliff-side waterfall called Ross Falls. It is also on a cliff, about twenty feet high. Both waterfalls share bright orange rock walls with greenery decorated all around. Watch for rattle snakes and bring plenty of water for this trip. There are camping spaces all through the south hills as well as other adventures.

Have fun discovering true hidden gems in the South Hills!

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