May is one of our favorite months in southern Idaho. The waterfalls start rushing, the canyon turns a vibrant green, and all the local businesses start opening their patios so you can enjoy the beautiful weather. If someone asks us, “When is the best time to visit southern Idaho?” We will answer with – May! Enjoy a curated May adventure itinerary and discover wonders around southern Idaho.

May Adventure Itinerary

Day 1&2: Twin Falls

Start in the city of waterfalls were you will see booming waterfalls in every direction you look. Our pride and joy, Shoshone Falls, is generally flowing at its highest flow this month. Go to Shoshone Falls City Park to the view the waterfall from above and hike the Canyon Rim Trail for more viewpoints along the river. Shoshone Falls After Dark is a new experience where you can visit after dark and see the falls glowing in colors. Stay the night to see the colorful waterfall by reserving a place at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot. The hotel is high quality, comfy, and comes with a side of luxury.

Continue chasing waterfalls nearby by checking out the waterfall that gave Twin Falls its name. Twin Falls  is about 1 mile east of Shoshone Falls, 5 miles by car. A photographer’s favorite waterfall, Perrine Coulee, is located near Centennial Waterfront Park. This waterfall has Iceland vibes, and has a trail that runs behind it! Beware, you will get wet this time of year because the waterfall is powerful!

After you’ve taken in all the glory in Twin Falls head over to Cauldron Linn on the northside of the canyon near Murtaugh. Cauldron Linn is a powerful waterfall that surges through only a tiny section of lava rock. The power here is unbelievable! We recommend visiting around golden hour and sunset to see the midst a glow. Continue heading further south and explore the South Hills. There is a waterfall called Ross Falls that also runs powerfully this time of year it is in the sawtooth national forest and is truly a sight to see. 

Food Recommendations

Dine on the canyon rim at Elevation 486 to enjoy views overlooking the Snake River Canyon. The restaurant is classy and the food is delicious. Another restaurant nearby is Canyon Crest, where you can also enjoy a seat on the patio with a view. Downtown Twin Falls is excellent this time of year because you can sit outside at almost all of the restaurants! Milner’s Gate has a beautiful patio with colorful flowers hanging around. Koto Brewing has garage style doors and high tables that allow you to watch all the life happening on Main Street. Twin Beans is a great place to grab a coffee and sit outside to people watch, and maybe even do some shopping nearby!

Day 3 – City of Rocks

City of Rocks National Reserve, Fall, National Parks, Almo, Burley, Idaho

Once you’ve had your fill of waterfalls we recommend you had even further south in southern Idaho. Adventure at the City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rock State Park.  This time of year, there is generally still some snow up in the mountains but not too much in the valley. The views are endless at the City of Rocks and Castle Rocks. These parks get pretty crowded in the summer so it’s a great way to beat the crowds by coming earlier in the season. We recommend staying at the glamping yurt in Castle rock State Park or staying at the beautiful historic Almo Inn. Make sure to fill up on gas at Tracys to support local and grab a bite to eat while you’re there.

Day 4 – Shoshone

Our last recommendation for your May adventure itinerary is to see some amazing caves. There used to be active volcanoes around southern Idaho that left behind beautiful lava tunnels. Today you can explore these at Shoshone ice caves and mammoth caves, both located within 10 minutes from each other. The experience at the ice caves is a guided tour where you will learn history about this phenomenon. The cave stays cold all through summer so make sure to bring a jacket! Mammoth Cave is a self-guided tour, but the owners do provide lights. There is also a funky museum above the cave we definitely recommend checking out. On your way back to Twin Falls, make sure to grab ice cream at the Snack Shack in Shoshone! 

Thanks so much for choosing southern Idaho as your adventure destinations in May. We hope you enjoy all the sites and safe travels!