Climate & Geography - Visit Southern Idaho
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You’ll experience all four seasons in Southern Idaho. Everything from snowy winters to sun-dappled autumns to vibrant springs to dry, warm summers. Our semi-arid climate offers plenty of sunshine year-round. The Southern Idaho Climate is a great mix of seasons.

Our amazing high-desert geography is lined with deep canyons, rolling hills, ancient volcanic formations, and geology that attracts enthusiasts from around the world. Southern Idaho is criss-crossed by the Snake River and its many tributaries, offering fine fishing and water sports opportunities.

Average temperature in January High: 37.8° F – Low: 21° F
Average temperature in July High: 88.6° F – Low: 56.3° F
Hottest & driest month July
Coldest & wettest month December
Annual Precipitation 9.37″
Annual Snowfall 11.7″
Elevation 3,747′