The trees are starting to change, the sunflowers are in full bloom, and the weather is finally cooling off. It is the perfect time for a trip to Southern Idaho! Check out the places we’ve nominated as the best places to see fall colors!

Albion Mountains

Pomerelle mountain resort is a perfect ski hill in the winter, plus a yellow and orange scene in the fall! There are trees everywhere! The Aspens turn gorgeous, bright yellow to orange all along the drive up to the resort, as well as the landscape surrounding Pomerelle. A perfect hike to see the colors is Skyline Trail. This trail leads all the way to the City of Rocks! It is a total of 26 miles, but shows off views from the beginning. It is located at Twin Lakes Canpground, before Lake Cleveland.

Independence Lakes is a six mile round trip hike to the most gorgeous alpine lakes in South Idaho. The entire trail up will be covered in beautiful yellows and oranges. The views are endless all along the trail, and it is very shaded with trees.

City of Rocks

City of Rocks is known mostly for its giant rock formations that will make your jaw drop! These rocks also have trees growing from below and sometimes on! They turn from bright greens to mustard yellows and lastly to rustic oranges this by the end of October. Hike around to see the most gorgeous views, and stop in the Visitor’s Center to grab some souvenirs and park maps! Camping is available all through the park. Castle Rocks State Park is also a gorgeous place to walk, hike, and climb to see the changing colors.

South Hills

Deep in the South Hills are beautiful trails that lead through Aspen groves, over look beautiful views, and show incredible rock formations. The rolling hills have a golden tone to them in the fall as well. Take a hike like Phantom Falls, Eagle Loop, or Walstrom Hallow to see the most color. Ross Falls also has bright orange all down the side of the rock sides that it cascades off of.

Eagle Loop is at Pettit Campground it is also just around three miles total. Walstrom Hallow is a nine mile loop, but is also enjoyable walking just a couple of them. Hike around Magic Mountain to witness gorgeous colors, and maybe even wildlife like Moose and Fox!


North of Fairfield will show off the most beautiful mix of fall colors, hot springs, and rolling mountain views. There is a gorgeous ski resort called Soldier Mountain that has many fall colored trees, bushes, and flowers. Continue driving into the mountains to find Worswick, Skillern, and Pries Hot Springs. Trees are changing all around along the road. Skillern Hot Springs is a 6 mile round trip hike that has many patches of trees bursting with oranges and reds! Bike trails are scattered all throughout the mountains and are guaranteed to be covered in bright fall colors! Worswick Hot Springs is a park and walk up to the hot springs place for easy access. There are gorgeous fall colors all through the Soldier Mountains in October.