The Herrett Center is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Smithsonian’s captivating exhibition, “Spark! Places of Innovation,” which will be on display from October 14 to November 25. This extraordinary exhibition is a celebration of the innovative spirit that has shaped the world we live in today. “Spark! Places of Innovation” takes visitors on a journey through time and space, exploring the places and moments where groundbreaking ideas and inventions ignited.

Exhibit Highlights:

  • Innovative Locations: Discover the remarkable places where creativity flourished, from Thomas Edison’s lab to Silicon Valley’s tech hubs. Witness the transformation of ordinary spaces into epicenters of innovation.
  • Pioneering Inventions: Get up close to iconic inventions that changed the course of history, from the Wright brothers’ plane to the first computer. Experience the power of human imagination and ingenuity.
  • Interactive Displays: Engage your senses with hands-on displays, interactive exhibits, and multimedia experiences that make innovation come alive. From touchscreens to virtual reality, immerse yourself in the creative process.
  • Historical Insights: Delve into the stories of the innovators themselves, the challenges they faced, and the impact of their ideas. Gain a deeper understanding of the individuals and teams that changed the world.

About the Herrett Center

The Herrett Center for Arts and Science, located on the College of Southern Idaho campus, is a regional hub for exploration and education. With a mission to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning, the Herrett Center offers a wide range of exhibits and programs.

  • Planetarium: Explore the cosmos under the digital dome of the Faulkner Planetarium, where you can journey through the universe, learn about constellations, and experience breathtaking celestial events.
  • Anthropology: Uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations and the diversity of human cultures through the center’s anthropology exhibits, featuring artifacts from around the world.
  • Natural History: Marvel at the wonders of the natural world, from fossils of ancient creatures to stunning mineral specimens. Discover the interconnectedness of life on Earth.
  • Arts: The Herrett Center also showcases a rotating selection of art exhibitions, highlighting the creative talents of local and international artists.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a science lover, or simply someone looking to be inspired, the Herrett Center provides an educational and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore “Spark! Places of Innovation” at the Herrett Center from October 14 to November 25. This is a rare chance to witness the transformative power of innovation and gain a deeper appreciation for the creative thinkers who have shaped our world. Plan your visit today and spark your own curiosity!

The exterior of the Herrett Center at the College of Southern Idaho at dusk.