Find the best steak in Southern Idaho. From restaurants on the Snake River to the ones hidden in the mountains – these are must dine at restaurants for Idaho foodies! 

Outpost Steakhouse in Almo

Newly reopened and back better than ever, the Outpost Steakhouse has highly rated steak. The meat is prime and the best of the best in Southern Idaho. The restaurant is in the most picturesque location next to the City of Rocks National Reserve, and just down the road from Durfee Hot Springs. Next to the Outpost Steakhouse in Almo is the Almo Inn, the nicest lodging in Almo. The western themed hotel is perfect to disconnect with the world and reconnect with nature! 

Iron Mountain in Fairfield

Iron Mountain is easy to get to and just down the way from the quaint and aesthetic Main Street of Fairfield. The restaurant is locally owned and proudly serves a homestyle family menu. Their steak is rated so highly because they cut to order. Not only do they have some of the best steak in Idaho, but they serve everything from burgers to homemade desserts. Don’t forget to drive up to the mountains to enjoy some of the most remote hot springs in Idaho, Worswick and Skillern.

Snake River Grill in Hagerman

Located in the Frogs Landing complex the Snake River Grill offers extremely unique locally sourced food! Walleye, Mallard Duck, Bass, Braised Lamb, Caviar, and even Alligator! The reason they’ve made the list of best steak in Idaho is because they offer big juicy steaks too. Regionally sourced meat and expert cooking to your preference makes the Snake River Grill a top choice for the locals. Next to the restaurant is a wonderful place to stay, the Hagerman Valley Inn. The walk to and from the hotel and restaurant is less than a minute, so you’re sure to be set up for a great trip here! 

Morey’s Steakhouse in Burley

Morey’s Steakhouse is located right on the Snake River in Burley. The venue is picture perfect, especially the back patio area! Steak, seafood, Asian fusion, sushi, and pasta is what you can expect to find at Morey’s. All high quality, regionally sourced ingredients.


Elevation 486 in Twin Falls

Elevation 486 is an upscale restaurant that sits on the edge of a canyon! In Twin Falls, the Snake River Canyon spans the north end of town, and Elevation 486 just happens to have one of the best views of it. Elevation 486 sources many ingredients locally including their grass-fed and specially aged beef. Choose from ribeye, filet mignon, prime rib, and flatiron as your steak options, and so much more on the rest of the menu.

Jakers Bar and Grill in Twin Falls

Jaker’s is located in Twin Falls and is a local favorite hangout! The service is great and energetic. The food is fresh and delicious. Jaker’s has perfected cooking steaks for the community and has extremely high reviews. Also enjoy fun specialty drinks, burgers, seafood, and classic American cuisine.