The Magic Valley Arts Council is hosting its 9th annual arts contest where the whole community gets to be a part of the event! The unique program features over 300 artists from across the globe. Art & Soul will take place in the businesses and public spaces of Twin Falls, Idaho from April 12-27, 2019

The event’s director, Melissa Crane, is rightfully passionate about this yearly activity. Art and Soul of the Magic Valley is the largest prize awarding, public voting, art contest in the Northwest! $43,000 in prizes will be awarded!

We asked Melissa a few questions regarding the contest;

What is your favorite aspect of the event?

“What I find most exciting about Art & Soul of the Magic Valley is how it brings residents and visitors together as one community – which in turn makes connections through enjoying arts. We remind ourselves that the connections we make will enrich our lives. Each year, we are overwhelmed by our community’s support of Art & Soul. The event may take place in Twin Falls, but it showcases our region in an unique way and brings us all together.”

How many artists are registered for the contest?

“Our Art & Soul of the Magic Valley Committee is delighted that we surpassed our goals and have 202 artists in the main contest!”

Are there differences from last year’s contest to look for?

“New to this year’s contest are four new categories: Digital, Printmaking, Quilt and Wearable. We are delighted to showcase these works in their own category, along with the 13 other categories in the contest.

We have also split the Youth Contest into four divisions by splitting Elementary into Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5.”

Art & Soul is so much more than an art contest. This arts awareness initiative welcomes all artists to compete for $43,000 in prize money. Grand Prize will receive $12,000, 2nd Place will win $6,000, 3rd Place gets $3,000, and 4th Place will take home $1,500, while 17 Best in Show winners will receive $1,000 each. Art & Soul has more details of the event posted to their Facebook page; “Art and Soul of Magic Valley.”

All varieties of art will be showcased! From acrylic painting to wood sculptures, you won’t be disappointed of the view. The contestants are all listed on their website; View the local favorites below.

Khiyam Zahroun

Khiyam came to the United States from Iraq where he was a professional jeweler, designing and producing jewelry and sculptural items primarily in gold and silver.

Since coming to Twin Falls about 5 years ago, Khiyam has dedicated his time and talents in helping to maintain and operate Mary Alice Park on Main.  He also has given much of his time in supporting the local arts events. This year he has decided to showcase some of his talent by creating a hand carved walking stick.

Jeffro Uitto

Jeffro Uitto was raised and resides in a small coastal town of Tokeland, Washington. This is where his creative journey began. As a young child, fascinated with the organic forms that surrounded him.
He feels it is important to celebrate natural forms without imposing his will on the materials. The result is his authentic style with the feeling of energy and life flowing through it.

Floyd Drown

In the early years of this country, the Indians were the people living here. They led a simple life of survival,  but also had enemy tribes to deal with.  Survival was most important to them as raids on other tribes were common. My painting depicts a time in history when horse stealing from other tribes was one of the best ways of survival. The Indians used horses for travel, hunting, and moving camps.  It was a great honor to steal from other tribes; horses were the wealth of the people.  This band of Indians are returning after a successful raid on a neighboring tribe.

The art will be featured at the following locations:


Plant Therapy – 510 2nd Ave. S.

Depot Grill – 545 Shoshone St. S.

Gemstone Climbing Center – 135 5th Ave. S.

Wills Toyota – 318 Shoshone St. W.

Snake River Auto Body – 404 4th Ave. W.

WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing – 119 2nd Ave. W.

Apricot Home – 126 2nd Ave. S.

Columbia Bank – 113 Main Ave. W.

Design 125 – 125 Main Ave. W.

Sav Mor Drug – 139 Main Ave. W.

Rudy’s A Cook’s Paradise – 147 Main Ave. W.

Twin Falls Sewing Center – 157 Main Ave. W.

Wabi Sabi Gallery – 632 Main Ave. N.

Serenity Funeral Chapel Life Celebration Center & Cremation Services of Idaho  – 502 2nd Ave. N.

Bull Moose Bicycles – 160 Main Ave. N.

The Orpheum Theater – 146 Main Ave. N.

Yellow Brick Cafe – 136 Main Ave. N.

Twin Falls Sandwich Co. – 128 Main Ave. N.

The Brass Monkey – 124 Main Ave. N.

O’Dunken’s – 102 Main Ave. N.

Hands On – 147 Shoshone St. N.

Jensen Ringmakers & Gallery – 109 Main Ave. E.

Randy’s Jewelry – 127 Main Ave. E.

Glanbia Cheese Marketplace – 131 Main Ave. E.

Crystals EnLight – 132 Hansen St. E.

Twin Falls City Hall – 203 Main Ave. E.

Susan’s Antiques & Collectibles – 227 Main Ave. E.

Petro’s Texaco Service Station – 303 Main Ave. E.

D.L. Evans Bank – 222 Main Ave. E.

Twin Bean Coffee – 144 Main Ave. S.

Ooh La La! Boutique – 132 Main Ave. S.

Professional Frame – 132 Main Ave. S. (Main Street Plaza)

TitleFact, Inc. – 163 4th Ave. N.

Twin Falls Public Library – 201 4th Ave. E.

Ann’s Eyewear Boutique – 691 Shoshone St. N.

SOUTH END NEIGHBORHOOD (South of Addison Ave.)

Franklin Building Supply – 1390 Highland Ave. E.

Quale’s Electronics – 1730 Kimberly Rd.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore – 639 Eastland Dr. S.

Body Balance Physical Therapy – 1053 Eastland Dr.

Idaho Central Credit Union – 2193 Addison Ave. E.

Kimberly Nurseries, Inc. – 2862 Addison Ave. E.

MIDTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD (Addison Ave. to Falls Ave.)

Ascension Tattoo – 1862 Addison Ave. E.

Boyer Jewelry – 1838 Addison Ave. E.

Connections Credit Union – 1445 Addison Ave. E.

Boot Barn – 1175 Addison Ave. E.

D. L. Evans Bank – 215 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

LaNeige Bridal and Tuxedos Now – 1159 Addison Ave. E.

Java – Wake Up and Live – 228 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Freedom Auto Finders – 365 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Washington Federal Savings Bank – 494 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Nielson Family Chiropractic – 1330 Filer Ave. E.

Modas La Reyna – 1341 Filer Ave. E.

Ashley Homestore – 1305 Filer Ave. E.

Hudson’s Shoes – 1207 Filer Ave. E.

Kurt’s Pharmacy and Hallmark – 1203 Filer Ave. E.

Barton’s Jewelry – 546 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Idaho Joes – 598 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

MVA – 624 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Great Harvest Bread Co. – 727 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt – 725 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Baskin-Robbins – 677 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.


D.L. Evans Bank – 906 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Sips N Sweet Treats – 1020 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

KMVT – 1100 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Dunkley Music – 1160 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Middlekauff Auto Group – 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Pioneer Federal Credit Union – 1439 North College Rd. E.

Beams Flooring America – 1475 Elm St. N.

Jakers of Twin Falls – 1598 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Chick-fil-A – 1631 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Deseret Book – 1434 Pole Line Rd. E.

Ward Orthodontics – 1502 Locust St. N. Bldg 200

First American Title – 1502 Locust St. N. Bldg 300

Magic Valley Mall – 1485 Pole Line Rd. E.  (YOUTH VENUE)

America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses – 1239 Pole Line Rd. E. #312C

Idaho Central Credit Union – 1875 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Premier AutoGroup – 636 Pole Line Rd.

Hilton Garden Inn – 1741 Harrison St. N.

Everton Mattress & Furniture Gallery – 347 Pole Line Rd.

Canyon Crest Eye Physicians – 261 Canyon Crest Dr.

My Place Hotel – 440 N. Haven Dr.

Sawtooth Dental – 1437 Parkview Dr.

Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center – 438 Washington St. N.

Prasai’s Thai 2 Go – 1563 Fillmore St. #1A

Cycle Therapy – 1542 Fillmore St.

Kiwi Loco – 1520 Fillmore St.

Herrett Center for Arts & Science – 315 Falls Ave., CSI Campus, off North College Rd.

Grab food after viewing: