Wildflowers are abundant in Southern Idaho! Every summer month brings a new area that is covered in gorgeous flowers. In June enjoy the Camas Lilies and other lower elevation blooms, then in July find alpine lakes surrounded by Lupine and Paintbrush! Summer is a great season to get out and chase wildflowers all over Southern Idaho.

Beginning of June:

Camas Prairie 

The Camas Prairie is located west of Fairfield. At the very end of May and beginning of June you can see Camas Lilies blooming at Centennial Marsh WWA otherwise known as the Camas Prairie. Enjoy an event the first weekend of June called Camas Lily Days where the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes have harvested lilies’ root. The marsh that showcases the lilies annually is about 5 miles south west of Fairfield, Idaho. Stay at the Prairie Inn to be in close proximity of food and drink. Downtown Fairfield has a couple choices for food including Soldier Brewing Co where you can also get a great cup of coffee. This local business has been around for almost 20 years. 

City of Rocks

The City of Rocks has many types of wildflowers and is a perfect destination to spot them. Find Rocky Mountain Iris, Northwestern Paintbrush, Goldenweed, Bluebells, Prickly Pear Cactus, Lupine, Crimson Columbine, and so many more! Its a colorful canvas beneath the gorgeous granite features the City of Rocks showcases. The best place to stay this time of year is north of the City of Rocks in Burley, Idaho. The park gets overcrowded with campers so its perfect to stay in the city to enjoy many food choices like the Boathouse which is located right on the Snake River. Find great hotels and find rates lower than most destinations. 

Middle June:

South Hills

South Hills, Wildflowers, Twin Falls, Idaho, Road Trip

The lower elevation of the South Hills will start sprouting bunches of Arrowleaf Balsamroot that look like little sun flowers mid June. The whole drive up Rock Creek Canyon from Twin Falls is beautiful! It only takes about a half hour to enter the hills and from there you’ll spot the yellow! There are many campgrounds along the way to stop at as well as hikes. Ross Falls is an easy hike to a waterfall, and Wahlstrom Hallow is a good place to get out on a trail and hike in as far as you’d like and enjoy streams and other types of wildflowers. 

Little City of Rocks

North of Gooding, Idaho is the Little City of Rocks Wilderness Study Area. The Little City of Rocks is a fun park filled with rock formations such as hoodoos, arches and lots of wildflowers! Mid June will bring bunches and bunches of Arrowleaf Balsamroot as well as Camas Lilies and Lupine. Always pack out when visiting Little City of Rocks as it doesn’t get much maintenance. Also, if the road is muddy please park further up the gravel road and walk to the park. The gravel road is privately owned and it is important to respect the owner’s property. On the way back from he Little City of Rocks stop in Gooding at Zeppe’s Pizza and Subs for filling food to satisfy your hunger after adventure! 

Craters of the Moon

Mid June to early July also brings incredible flowers at Craters of the Moon National Monument. It is an extremely unique area for flowers to grow as the ground is literally lava. Peak blooms occur on the cinder fields and it is truly a sight to see! See dwarf versions of Monkeyflower and Buckwheat, Indian paintbrush, and see 700 different types of plants. Craters of the Moon is located about 2 hours from Twin Falls so be sure to plan for your trip and bring food to go from local businesses like KB Burrito Twin Falls! Their burritos are expertly wrapped for easy eating in the car, plus the ingredients are locally sourced and authentic. 


Pomerelle Mountain & Lake Cleveland

South of Burley by about 35 minutes are gorgeous mountains covered in purple, yellow, red and white flowers. Drive up the road to Pomerelle and utilize many of the pull offs and trail heads to park and view the flowers. There are generally fields of Purple Lupine near Twin Lakes Campground with sprinkles of Indian Paintbrush. Drive to Lake Cleveland and find non-camping spot parking at the beginning of the lake/road. Continue all the way up the mountain to Mount Harrison, to see even more flowers on the way up. The drive from Pomerelle to Lake Cleveland has the most wildflowers in Southern Idaho and is our number one recommendation to visit. Because of its beauty there are a lot of guests so be sure to leave no trace always. 

South Hills

South Hills Hiking, Twin Falls

The higher elevation of the South Hills gets similar wildflowers to Pomerelle area. Lupine and Indian paintbrush can be found on Eagle Loop Trail and Rim View Trail. The sunflowers can stick around through July as well making the South Hills another great summer destination to spot wildflowers. 

Soldier Mountains

Soldier Mountain Ski Resort is a great place to see wildflowers in July. Bring your mountain bike up to the ski resort and ride the trails to see gorgeous wildflowers! Pertt’s Bike Rental does rent vehicles and drop them off at Soldier Mountain if the demand is high. All around the mountain there are all colors of flowers sprinkling the trails. It is possible to hike around the area as well to spot the flowers. Soldier Mountain’s lodge has delicious food on the weekends and the town of Fairfield is only a quick drive south. Stay at the Prairie Inn for a nearby accommodation.