Traveling as a digital nomad is more popular than ever as we enter 2023. Even more popular is the new fad of vanlife around the country. 

But with the fad of working remotely and traveling full-time comes the burnout that life on the road can bring. That’s why having a few places you can spend more than a few days in is important. This way, you can relax, get some work done, and enjoy the sights on your time off without being go-go-go all of the time.

One of the best places to get that needed time off is in one of the country’s most underrated states – Idaho. Spending a few days to a week working remotely in Twin Falls, Idaho can bring energy back into your full-time travel.

Where to Set Up Camp in Twin Falls, Idaho

When it comes to vanlife and working on the road, you need a stable setup to actually get work done. If you’re sitting in random parking lots, odds are you don’t feel as “at home” as you could.

In Twin Falls, there are several options. About 5 minutes out of town across the Perrine Memorial Bridge, there are many pull-offs on in Snake River Canyon Parks on the Jerome side of the canyon. Looking for a campground with amenities? Get a spot at the Jerome KOA. It is located extremely close to the Snake River Canyon and has great restrooms/showers, a pool, a dog park, and even offers meals to guests! 

You can drive pretty close up to the Canyon rim for a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. The best part? The service is great for working remotely in your van!

Heading into the Town of Twin Falls

As great as setting up camp can be in Twin Falls, you’ll eventually want to head into town to either hit the Planet Fitness for a warm shower, grab a coffee at Twin Beans Coffee Company on Main, or pop into some of the cute boutique shops to get out of your van for a bit.

On a chore day, you can do laundry at one of the laundromats in town like JW Laundry, LLC. Then, you can head on over to Milner’s Gate in the late afternoon for a delicious thin-crust pizza and a craft beer. If you have a dog (or if you don’t), you can sit on the patio to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Time in Nature: A Break from Working Remotely in Twin Falls

If you want to spend time outdoors, there’s plenty of that to go around in Twin Falls, Idaho. From visiting Shoshone Falls to doing one of the many hikes in and around the Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls has it all. Many of these hikes and sights can be done in just a few hours, so you can get a full day of work under your belt before exploring.

You could spend weeks in Twin Falls without repeating the same hike or doing the same activity. But, if you want to head out of town to decompress, consider spending an afternoon at Miracle Hot Springs.

While working remotely in Twin Falls, be sure to support local businesses and get to know the community! And remember, when you’re out camping or hiking, be sure to leave no trace!