Jerome is a great place to make memories and have fun outdoors. Surrounded by stunning nature and thriving with little local shops, the town is a great stop on your trip. The town was established in 1907 and still has rich history within. Jerome is an affordable town to visit that’s located only a short drive from Twin Falls, about an hour and a half from Sun Valley, and less than two hours to Boise. Enjoy our recommended top 10 things to do in Jerome! 

Where to Stay?

Stay at the Jerome KOA for a destination in itself! RV and camping is available, but the KOA also have adorable guest cabins! They provide cooked food options, a pool and play area for kids, a dog park, and plenty of lounging areas.

1. Renew Coffee Shop

Start any day right at the friendliest and coziest coffee shop around! Renew is located downtown Jerome and is much more than just a delicious coffee & food shop. They have a corner of the shop reserved for Idaho local goods. These goods include pottery, Idaho gear, candles, coffee goodies, bath soaps and more. It’s an awesome place for a souvenir! Renew has absolutely delicious food like bagel sandwiches, wraps & sandwiches, soup and pastries.

2. North Side Park 

Next, take your coffee to Northside Park just down the road from Renew. The large park offers many places to sit down and enjoy the weather. There is a skate park, playground, interactive equipment, an amphitheater, and lots of space to run around! During the summer there is a splash pad, and in the winter the park transforms into a Christmas light display! 

3. Mermaid Cove

Have more fun in nature by visiting the Jerome side of the Snake River Canyon. Yingst Grade is a wonderful hiking trail. Park your cars at the top of the canyon in the large parking lot, and hike down to a secret waterfall! Check out Mermaid Cove, a beautiful pounding waterfall that fills into a pool. Continue hiking down the canyon to see the falls pour into a larger waterfall. Hike all the way down the canyon to the Snake River and enjoy the views. Broken Bridge is at the base, a historic bridge that now only spans halfway across the river. 

4. Snake River Canyon Parks 

Pillar Falls at Sunset, Jerome Idaho

Another awesome place to visit on the Jerome side of the canyon is Snake River Canyons Parks. This rugged area spans from the Perrine bridge to Shoshone Falls. You can even see Shoshone Falls from this side, just a couple of miles east of the Perrine Bridge. Not many people know of this lookout, so if you’re trying to avoid crowds visit Shoshone Falls on the Jerome side rather than Shoshone Falls City Park. Our favorite lookout on the Jerome side of the canyon is looking over Pillar Falls. There are roads leading to lookouts, but some require high clearance vehicles. Feel free to park near the road in designated lots and hike towards the canyon. 

5. Minidoka National Historic Site 

Minidoka National Historic Site is a must stop when visiting Jerome. Did you know we had internment camps during WWII in the USA? Japanese Americans were taken from their normal lives and places at this camp. 10,000 people were brought to Jerome, and many were tasked with farm labor or irrigation projects. There is rich history at the historic site, where the Japanese Americans lived, and some of the original buildings can be toured and have been preserved well. The new Visitors Center is educational about what happened day to day and shares stories from survivors.

6. Jerome Country Club & Caddy Shack

Go golfing at the Jerome Country Club! Jerome Country Club is among the oldest courses in Southern Idaho, first laid out in 1926 on the picturesque north side of the Snake River Canyon. The club is open to the public, and is an 18-hole par 72, with a moderate slope rating of 106. Dine at the Caddy Shack Restaurant & Bar when you’ve played your best round! 

7. Taco Fest

Every year one of the best festivals comes around to Jerome. Taco Fest happens each year in September, where you can sample tacos from the best Mexican food trucks! There are wonderful kids activities and other goodies for purchase as well. Taco Fest is held at North Park Jerome. Make sure to plan your trip to Jerome while the festival is going on if you’re looking for a weekend of music, laughs, drinks, and of course tacos!! 

8. I-Farm

Across the road lies a little piece of agricultural history. A project of the Jerome County Historical Society, the museum is made up of several historical buildings, a barn, church and farm equipment. Special tours are available by calling this number: (208)324-5641

9. Moss Greenhouse

Go shopping for flowers at the prettiest greenhouse! Moss Greenhouse is a locally owned shop that specializes in all things plants! The garden has been growing since 1952, when a 100 square foot greenhouse was built. The now master gardeners supply businesses, homes, and visitors with gorgeous plans. Moss is also well known for its decorations and visual appeal. 

10.Mountain View Barn 

The history is rich around southern Idaho and it doesn’t stop with Mountain View Barn. On weekends you can grab tasty breakfast and brunch, or reserve it anytime for a special occasion. The historic barn is meant for gathering! Jerome’s farmers market is held in the Mountain View Barn’s parking lot and happens every summer on Saturdays. The barn also has fun local goodies for purchase inside.

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