The Twin Falls Magic Valley Regional Airport is here to serve the Magic Valley Community as well as incoming tourists ready to explore Idaho. Two flights daily leave the airport, going to and from Salt Lake City International Airport. Experience no lines, extremely fast check-in, no crowd security, free parking, and fast service. The Delta flight service is so fast in fact; that you could fly all the way to SLC in less time than it takes to bake an Idaho potato!

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The Magic Valley Regional Airport is centrally located, crowd-free, and just six minutes away from downtown Twin Falls. From here, it’s just a short flight to Salt Lake City International Airport, and the great world beyond. Skip the long check-in lines and high parking rates at SLC, fly out of Twin Falls to save time and stress before your next big adventure.

Why Fly to Twin Falls?

Flying into Twin Falls from Salt Lake City provides you to a gateway of adventure. Not only will your checked baggage be ready for you within minutes after landing, but you’ll be just a quick drive away to all the outdoor opportunity. Located within 20 minutes from the Magic Valley Regional Airport is: Shoshone Falls, the “Niagara of the West,” the beautiful Snake River Canyon and Perrine Bridge, Perrine Coulee Waterfall, and even more. Stay Downtown Twin at numerous Airbnbs, B&Bs, or stay on the canyon rim on the north side of town. The nearby Canyon Rim hotels include the Towneplace Inn & Suites, the Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn and more.

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Magic Valley Regional Airport fast baggage claim

Within an hour of Twin Falls, Idaho, you’ll find Thousand Springs State Park units like Box Canyon, Ritter Island, and Malad Gorge. These gorgeous parks provide views of vibrant blue water and deep jarring canyons. Also nearby are the South Hills. The South Hills are home to Magic Mountain Ski Resort, Diamond Field Jacks snowmobile area, Ross Falls, and more stunning hikes. The Magic Valley Regional Airport is just a 40 minute drive away from the skiing & tubing hill.

Summer hiking in the South Hills of Twin Falls:

Magic Mountain Ski Resort:

Free Parking and Affordable Car Rentals

The Magic Valley Regional Airport provides free long term and short term parking. That is correct, there is absolutely no fee to park and fly from Twin Falls, Idaho! When you’re flying in, there are also quick and easy vehicle rental options at the airport.

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Restaurant inside the Airport

Happy Landing Restaurant & Pub offers exceptional food and wines at off-airport prices. This customer-favorite restaurant is also the go-to catering service for parties and in-flight meals. Hours: Sunday – Friday & 8a.m.-7 p.m, and Saturday — 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. 

Safe Travels and Happy Trails from Southern Idaho Tourism & IFlyTwin Falls!