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Summer Checklist in Southern Idaho

We are giving out the local secrets to see the most gorgeous areas in Southern Idaho! They will take you all around the pretty towns of Buhl, Rupert, Fairfield, Gooding, Declo, and even more! There are some amazing places hidden in the beautiful high desert region.

Centennial Waterfront Park

The perfect place to spend a warm day under the sun is at Centennial Waterfront Park! Zipline, kayak, and boat on the beautiful Snake River. Hike around the area, and watch BASE jumpers leap off the Perrine Bridge. Located conveniently in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Blue Lake Paradise in Southern Idaho

Idaho is known for its long deep rivers, surrounded by canyons and mountains. Sand dunes here and there, and alpine lakes that shimmer in the sun. What most travelers don't know is there are hidden paradises within these desert canyons. Aqua blue, crystal clear, and freezing cold lakes appear scattered throughout Southern Idaho!

Hwy 30 Music Festival Weekend Adventure

HWY 30 Music Fest is June 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Discover how to best capitalize on your weekend while enjoying music and exploring Southern Idaho! Read about food and activity recommendations.

Southern Idaho's Hidden Gems

Scorched and scarred by lava, Southern Idaho’s desert landscapes can seem unforgiving — a  sea of sagebrush and lava rock ...

Memorial Weekend in Southern Idaho

The weather is finally getting warm, and the flowers are in full bloom. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the nature of Southern Idaho!

Top 10 Things to Do In Southern Idaho

Your Guide to the Most Astounding, Eye-Popping, and Obscure Sights and Activities in the Region Southern Idaho is not flashy. ...

Top 10 Must See in Twin Falls

Spending the weekend in Twin Falls and want to enjoy the town? From a local perspective, we created a top ten must see list! Read all our recommendations on the perfect list of things to do, plus advice only a local would know.

Women Solo Travel in Southern Idaho

Women solo travelers are welcome to Southern Idaho! Hike our unique locations and feel safe while doing it alone. Experience nature, kind hikers, and beautiful views all around!

Tea Kettle Cave - Gooding, Idaho

Tea Kettle Cave, located north of Gooding, Idaho is an incredible place. Explore under Earth's surface to find an oasis of green ferns, and a lava tunnel that will blow your mind!