Have you been waiting  to receive your letter from Hogwarts confirming that you’re a wizard? Here is your chance to live the life of Harry Potter and his friends! The Historic Wilson Theatre will transport you to the wizarding world of Harry Potter October 24, 25, or 26th!

Harry Potter Experience

This annual tradition in Rupert is a great experience for all families! Being inside the Wilson Theatre will feel as though you are in London, headed to the train station to catch your ride at platform 9 and 3/4. The Hogwarts Express is a first stop for your Harry Potter adventure. Sip on Butter Beer at Honey Dukes, find your Patronas, get matched with your wand, and try on the Sorting Hat to find your house! Are you a Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw? Come dressed as your favorite character and wear your house cloaks!


Tickets are available at historicwilsontheatre.com. They range in prices from the VIP Experience tickets at $50.00 to $5.00 general admission.

Be sure to grab your tickets as soon as possible. The event has sold out in previous years, so you don’t want to miss your opportunity to live the magical life! All proceeds will go to the Historic Wilson Theatre for programming and restoration. They want to thank you in advance for your support! Walk across the street to Henry’s at the Drift Inn for the area’s best finger steaks. Need a place to stay? Drift Inn is located in the rooms above Henry’s. Both conveniently located across the street from the Wilson Theatre on the beautifully renovated Rupert Square. Rupert is a magical town to make all your Harry Potter fantasies come true!