Big Green Adventure Tours operates professionally guided Idaho tours through many of the valley’s attractions. This is the perfect service if you’re looking for a family tour or a scenic tour. They offer four separate group options for guests to enjoy. ‘Take a Tour’ where guests get a guided vehicle tour of Shoshone Falls & City of Twin Falls.  ‘Take a Hike’ where guests join them for a 1.7 mile hike around Dierkes Lake & Shoshone Falls. These tours are typically half day and include water. Custom options are available. We hope you enjoy your Shoshone Falls Tours and Dierkes Lake Tours because you won’t just see them, you’ll tour them!

An awesome National Parks/Monument tour option is to Craters of the Moon called, “Lets go to the Moon.” Road trip up to Craters of the Moon National Monument for the ultimate adventure tour. Another option is “Fire and Ice,” which will take you underground to a cool ice cave. Shoshone Ice Caves tours always require a guide, so BGAT will drive you to Shoshone Ice Cave from Twin Falls and assure you will get the next possible guided tour each time. Each trip is fun and unique, these vary in length from 4-8 hours.

Their guides are extremely knowledgeable and pride themselves in excellent customer service. The half day tour or full day tour from Twin Falls will include water and stops for snacks. From small group tours to Idaho tours for seniors, BGAT is ready to serve! Give them a call today or visit their website for more information.

More detail on the adventure tours:

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

Lets go to the moon! Adventure tours that will take you to another land start here. Stop onto another planet and discover this adventure of a lifetime in Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve located 89 miles from Twin Falls. Take a walk through the monoliths of the North Crater flow, one of the monuments youngest lava flow areas. Stroll through Devils Orchard for an upfront view of the strange features of this volcanic island. Learn about our impact on the this delicate landscape and the preservation efforts underway to save it. Because this is such an incredible area, we must keep it preserved for the future. Hike up Inferno Cone for a birds eye view of the fissures of the Great Rift and see Big Cinder Butte, one of the world’s largest known basaltic cinder cones. Take a break for lunch at the Cave Area just before you venture into an ancient lava tube at Indian Tunnel. We love a good national parks monuments tours!

BGAT Craters of the Moon
Shoshone Ice Caves & Bear Claw Trading Post

Fire and Ice! Explore Shoshone Ice Caves, a National Historic Site and the largest Lava Ice Cave known. Your interpretive guide will take you into this geologic natural wonder on a fun, unique tour where you will learn how this living glacier was formed. Wander through the village and visit the museum and gift shop or search for the perfect geode at the geode breaking station. Next you will visit the world famous Bear Claw Trading Post where you will find authentic Native American art and jewelry as well as unique imports from five continents. Small group tours are available to accommodate the COVID outbreak.

Dierkes Lake and Shoshone Falls

Take a hike! Join for a 1.7 mile hike around Dierkes Lake at Shoshone Falls. Your interpretive guide will tour you to the Hidden Lakes, an unique geologic treasure known mostly by locals. Climb a steep set of manmade stairs to the top of the Snake River Canyon for spectacular views while observing Idaho wildlife in its natural habitat followed by a must see stop at Shoshone Falls. There are no other adventure tours that will take you to these scenic places.

Shoshone Falls and City Tour

Take a tour! Come along on this scenic tour to the Niagara of the west, Shoshone Falls. Experience rich local and geological history as your interpretive guide takes you back in time more than 14,000 years. Experience the I.B Perrine Memorial bridge while taking in the grandeur of the Snake River Canyon. Then, enjoy a brief stop at the Visitor Center and see Historic Old Town and Warehouse District of Twin Falls.

Vistas and Vino

Come long on this unique tour to Idaho’s Famous Wine Country, part of the new frontier of wine growing areas. This scenic adventure tour begins with a trip to Malad Gorge State Park for stunning views of Devil’s Washbowl. Then, relax and enjoy the views of 1000 Springs Scenic Byway where you will see breathtaking waterfalls and see majestic vistas of the Hagerman Valley. The grand finale of your day will bring you to Holesinsky Vinyard and Winery, one of Southern Idaho’s premier family owned certified organic wineries. Holesinsky is known for their French wine making techniques and versatile flavors. There you will enjoy 12 samples of their own creations while enjoying a delicious charcuterie board in between sips.

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