The smooth rock walls of Black Magic Canyon, carved by the Big Wood River thousands of years ago, provide an Arizona slot canyon aesthetic. In the summer, the water carves through the lava rocks, hiding it as if it didn’t exist. But in the fall and winter – there is epic exploring to be done!

Check the conditions before planning your adventure because it can be dangerous if water levels are high. Either the canyon will be filled, or there is a potential of a flash flood. Generally from May-October the canyon has water. 

Once clarified that the canyon is safe to navigate, the fun can begin!

Take Highway 75 past the city of Shoshone and the Shoshone Ice Caves, then turn on W Magic Road. Just past the turn off is a parking lot. From here, walk down the paved path! You will start to see the Black Magic appear.

Sturdy shoes are required to hike around within the canyon. The rocks are smooth and slippery, so be sure to watch your step! Some parts of the canyon are shallow, proving you to be taller than the walls. But continuing through the walls grow, towering above you like flowing waves carving their way through the ocean. It is truly a magical sight!

Eventually you’ll make your way to the highway’s bridge. Walking under the bridge will lead you to an opening at the end of the canyon. Sitting water is scattered throughout the canyon, but at the end sits a large pool. On a sunny day the water glistens against the dark rocks. If there is snow, be aware of the ground. It could be frozen water! The canyon can fill naturally from precipitation so be cautious when stepping over unknown ground.

Remember to call before exploring the canyon to be as safe as possible. Not many know of this place, even locals haven’t heard of this geological treasure! Enjoy the secrets of this magic canyon!


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