Soldier Mountain Ski Resort is an incredible Idaho mountain to ski and snowboard. Their mountain consists of two lifts and awesome runs of many levels. Not only is the main mountain incredible, but there is a unique opportunity offered that you can’t get with just a lift ticket. Experience Soldier’s best terrain with their state-of-the-art snowcat. This experience can be yours, and it is called backcountry cat skiing! Cat skiing at Soldier Mountain can be a full or multiple day experience. We will break it down step by step on what you’ll experience and why you need to book this trip!

Cat Skiing at Soldier Mountain

The day begins with a training at Soldier Mountain Lodge. There, you’ll meet the professional backcountry riders who will take you up the mountain. The teachers will give you the rundown on where you’re going and what type of experience to expect! You’ll also be outfitted with a pack and tools to prepare for an avalanche and other risks common in the backcountry. Snacks and water are packed for you to enjoy while riding and taking breaks in the snow cat. Ask about their packed lunch option or bring your own along to keep energized.

To get to the top of the mountain you will be climbing up the 10,000 ft peak in a snowcat! It is extremely safe and the driver is an expert at finding great snow. Once riders are at the top, it’s all downhill and fresh snow from there. This is your transportation all day, and if you ever need a break from riding you’re able to sit in the snowcat to warm up and relax. This is where you can keep your bags and belongings while enjoying the mountain.

Why Cat Skiing?

Nothing beats the feeling of being the first and only rider to glide over the fresh powder. By choosing to cat ski rather than just ride the normal lifts, you will experience parts of the mountain no one else can. The snow is incredible up there! Powder days take on an all new meaning when you’re riding the entire Soldier Mountain. Shredding through the fresh snow and untouched runs with 12 people or less is an adventure to say the least. Be on top of the world with no worries or frets. Enjoy tranquility and the groove of you and your skis or snowboard. Explore the trees, shred through the snow, and enjoy this insane experience!

How do you book your trip?

There are two options to reserve your seat on the Snow Cat. Either you can book a single seat and ride with people from around the world, or you can do a private cat ski trip with your friends and family. As you book your trip you’ll be directed to a calendar to find what best suits your schedule and others you may be riding with. While searching for a place to stay we highly recommend Fairfield which is only a quick drive from Soldier Mountain. The Prairie Inn is a perfect hotel to get a good night’s rest before and after your cat skiing trip of a lifetime!

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