Hunting and Fishing


Idaho is world famous for it's huge variety of hunting opportunities! Elk, Deer, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Pheasant, Turkey, Grouse, Dove and many many more species are waiting to be found. Click these links to Idaho Fish and Game and learn about Idaho's deep respect for our wildlife and the environment. Idaho's high-mountains and high-desert are the setting for the best hunting of your life.

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Any fisherman of the west will tell you that the mighty Snake river and it's tributaries are teaming with a variety of fish and the world's best fishing. The Idaho Cutthroat trout is a true Idaho Native and a small-stream catch you won't forget. Most of the west's famous Salmon head home to Idaho for nesting each year and the most avid fisherman in the U.S. are right here with them. Check out these links to Idaho Fish and Game's fishing sites, learn the rules, and then come join us in Idaho for a vacation you'll never forget.

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