The Mid-Snake Study Recreation Study

The Snake River is the life-blood of South Central Idaho.  The natural, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic resources are diverse and far reaching.  Recognizing this, a working group came together in the mid-90’s and surveyed the recreational assets along a nearly 75-mile stretch of the mid-Snake. Over 110 sites were surveyed.  After the arduous process of mapping was done, a report was issued citing challenges, threats and priorities for the river.   You will find a PDF of this report, Middle Snake River - Recreation Opportunities at Risk on this site.  We wanted to publish this report to give historical perspective as to how important the Snake River is and how varied are its resources.

In 2004, a partnership of Southern Idaho Tourism, The Bureau of Land Management and Idaho Power set to work to update the Mid-Snake Study. Idaho Power provided the protocol and criteria for the mapping process; mapping was done by Idaho Power and by teams of students from the College of Southern Idaho GIS classes.  Throughout the process, the BLM has provided funding and technical assistance.

The goals of the study were to map the same sites along the river utilizing GIS technology, update each site as to changes, and document these changes.  The outcome was not to publish a report but to provide up-to-date data for agencies, citizens, cities, and counties to use when making decisions affecting the Snake River. 
We hope the data presented here will be accessed by land management agencies, city and county officials, engineers, and planners who have the need for good up-to-date data for making decisions with long-term effects on the Snake River and those who rely on its many and varied resources.

View the interactive Middle Snake River recreation points map

Middle Snake River - Recreation Opportunities at Risk (PDF)